Hands Free Holiday Fun!

Posted by Tricia Baumgartner on

The sign of a good holiday party is when you can’t find your phone.  However, a close second is when you can’t find your purse which is probably where you’ll find your phone. That stylish Go-to clutch, purse or bag you’ve used at holiday parties past should be just that, in the past.  Let’s take a brief stroll back to last year’s office party where you were carrying that clumsy clutch, trying to socialize and enjoy a glass of champagne. You weren’t free to get out on the dance floor and really cut loose or how about the bathroom?  You had to leave your clutch on the back of the toilet bowl. Ewww.  Let’s face it, who wants to be babysitting their purse all night? So this year, try a hands-free approach with an evening bag with a long strap.  One with a chain strap would accent any outfit.  Simply sling it over your shoulder or you could do a cross body style and enjoy a stress free-worry free FUN evening! 

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