Going from 9-5 to the Office Party

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Let’s be honest, a majority of people dread their office parties for a few reasons;  Finding that perfect Secret Santa gift for that co-worker that just started working in the office last week, to meeting work deadlines before the holidays, to looking festive at the Ole Company Christmas Party that follows a long day on the job. There’s a lot on your anxiety ridden holiday list this year but how to go from 9-5 to wearing work-appropriate attire at the party without compromising your professionalism shouldn’t be one of them.

It can be tricky to navigate through the company’s party dress code; “Casual”, “Dressy Casual,”  “Formal,” to that ever so popular ugly sweater gig and still look chic. What is and isn’t appropriate for your office party all depends on where you work.  For some, a sparkly low cut dress with a set of knock out pumps could do the trick but for most, keeping a conservative but blissful approach is sought. But how do you take your 9-5 outfit to an after-hours festive look?  Well, we’ll go over a few ideas to get you ready to make that “Festive” Entrance on your party night. 

(All clothing featured in this blog is found in-store only) So, read then come on into the store and start shopping!


Red Dress by DressBarn $25.50 and Black Heels $15.50 

Something about the color red always feels festive! With this dress, you're making a statement of "I'm bold, I'm conservative" and the heels will come in with "But I'm fun!"


Black dress by Gianni Bini $15.50, Red Scarf $10.50, Black Ankle Boots $18.50

A lot of us women stick with our favorite colors and one of the favorites is black.  My guess is that black apparel is always the "go to" color because we, as women, have always been taught that black is slimming and we all want that effect. But that doesn't mean we can't splash some color in there with a scarf or a wild colored necklace.  Let your outfit speak to you on what makes you feel confident, comfortable and sexy!


Tan Tank with Lace Shoulders $10.48, Navy Pants by The Limited $15.50, Sheer Floral Cardigan $18.50, Half Moon Necklace $8.50, Gold Embellished Brown heels $12.50


There's no crime in going straight to the party in your work attire, considering if this is your type of work attire. Casual, comfortable and classy will leave more time to mingle and enjoy that cocktail. 



Blue Dress by Jessica Howard $28.00, Michael Kors heels $55.00, Rhinestone Drop Post Earrings $8.59, Rhinestone Choker $10.50

Blue is another fun color for the holidays and this ensemble has a fun retro feel about it!  The looser shirt will make it easier for you tear up that dance floor!


Long Stripe Jacket by Active USA $34.80, Navy Pants by The Limited $15.50, Tan Lace Embellished Tank $10.48, Gold Floral Necklace $18.50

Like the Keep it Simple ensemble, you can exchange the sheer cardigan for this stunning long stripe jacket for a whole new festive look! 

So, as you can see, minor additions to your current work wardrobe can be simple and effective, but yet stunning enough for a night out with your co-workers!  Again, let your outfit speak to you and pay special attention to it when it whispers the savings you can cash in on this season! 




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